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Friday, 22 May 2009

Damselflies 21-5-09

Just getting my gear sorted for the bike when I realised the spare batteries for my digicam where missing, looks like I have dropped them last time I was out, what was I going to do they could be anywhere looked in the car etc: first, till I accepted the fact they have dropped out the side pocket of my bum bag when getting down to photograph flowers ,well what to do, 2 batteries are not cheap but more to the point I would be lost without them I thought it worth the effort to at least look for them, so I got in the car and retraced my route, walked along a track and found the pouch within a couple of minutes what a stroke of luck, I was out now and so was the sun so I had another look for Damselflies, and in amongst the grass picked out several Azures, a few Orange Tips in flight also, but none landing , called at Holywell for awhile a pair of Common Terns and the Great Spotted Woodpecker, single Great Crested Grebe and a handful of gulls coming to bathe Azure Damselfly

female Azure

Checking the power lines this is uncropped as it was that low

A Northumberland tree Rat

1 comment:

Alan Tilmouth said...

Ipmressive, first photographs I've seen of the endemic Northumberland Tree Rat. By the way I thought your young man's baseball cap had the same effect on you, but thanks for the compliment despite three paper rounds in my early days it seems I could be the Cliff Richard of the local birding scene.