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Monday, 25 May 2009

Newbiggin/Cresswell 23-05-09

Started the day at Newbiggin to look for the Bluethroat, plenty Butterflies on the way to the Golf Course, gave it about an hour but no sign of it, Stonechats, Sedge, & Whitethroat with also a quite a few Orchids , Starlings passing on a regular basis from the greens back to their nests so I tried to get a couple of shots as they passed , On the way to Cresswell House Martins and Swallows picking mud from a pool, Cresswell still had the Goosander and a couple of Common Terns but not much else and that was as far as I got, having left early and unable to get petrol I thought it better to get back home and fill up, although that sign at Newbiggin has petrol for 86p a litre , you know the one before "Belly Busters" & "The House of Pain" (no not a Dentists a Tattoo shop which I think is now closed)

Sedge in the Brambles

Stonechats looking stunning in the strong light

Tried a few shots as they past by nearly got there but not sharp

Another mystery bird no that would be too easy especially as the answer is below

The problems of trying to photograph birds , this Goldfinch only turned to face me with this empty bottle as background.

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