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Friday, 29 May 2009

Harthope Valley , etc: 28-5-09

Some images I forgot to put on from Harthope , you really need special wide angle lenses to get the scale
The Hawsen Burn joins the Harthope Burn

Looking back down the Valley along the stream

Plenty of Sheep in the valley so you have to be aware of Ticks

Cheviot in the background

I am sure I have come across this before , common along the wall at Cresswell

Cant find it as yet I must get to grips with my Wildflower Key

A number of these at Woodhorn Church as I past down to the pool, the pool seems to have lost most of its edge for waders.

Blackbird in the garden "giving something the oval eye"

juvenile Starlings in numbers in the garden and surrounding area, very raucous

Zebra Spider or Jumping Spider

Small Copper my first of the year and a first for the garden , reading accounts of the Painted Lady invasion in huge numbers in the south would be worth seeing, I have only had 2 so far, but it is a Butterfly I have seen on the high tops, I had numerous sightings in Fuerteventura, but they where very pale and looking worn.

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