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Monday, 18 May 2009

"The Mound" 16-5-09

Saturday morning I headed up to Newbiggin and "The Mound" I think it is an old pumping station or something now its just for dumping but it does get the birds , its also watched over by some great birders who miss nothing, as I wondered up the path I came across an orchid looking lost amongst the broken glass and stripped out wire casings etc, anyway I entered the woods to look for the reported Icterine, & Firecrest, numerous Garden Warblers singing and Blackcap, picked up the Firecrest and got a couple of record shots ,but it did show well so I also got a good look at it sometime later the Icterine was also relocated it kept singing from the same area and eventually it also showed well, in the afternoon a Wood Warbler was located in the same area, bit to far for my gear but another couple of record shots. Not one of my favourite birding areas it can be hard to work , but can also be very rewarding.

This has probably sprung up from some dumped garden waste, adding a splash of colour !!!!

Just a couple of shots of the Firescrest, these are a cracking little bird ,well worth the effort to see.

This will win no prizes but does show the head !!!!!!!!!

Sunning itself perhaps Wood Warbler

Not to bad this shot, another nice bird for the day


Blyth Birder said...

Early Purple Orchid Brian?

Seemed weird set amongst the background of general squallor and fly-tipping.

Anonymous said...

Great close ups there of a lovely bird!

Vanellus said...

Think it's a Northern Marsh Orchid. Early Purple's should be well over by now.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for the comments Orchids tax me every year, the reason is I dont look at them hard enough, but I do find them fascinating.