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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

First Swifts, Holywell 5-5-09

Mid afternoon I cycled along the coast towards Holywell Pond, strong westerly, as I passed the beach a number of waders caught my eye so I went over to the shore about 20 1st Summer Common Gulls feeding along the edge but moved off as I tried to get nearer, 70+ mostly Sanderling with a few Dunlin in , one little spot was obviously productive for food as they kept coming back just feeding in this one place not running around as usual, a few coming into Summer plumage 3 Whimbrel came in along the coast, Swallows feeding in the shelter of the dunes, seemed to Swallows all the way along , nothing singing along the hedgerows today , about a dozen Swifts over the east end of Holywell pond , so I gave them a good look through but in the dull light they just looked all dark, still a good number of Swallows and martins over the pond . A Great Crested Grebe spent the afternoon moving around the pond calling not sure what it was up to, a pair of GSW, and Greenfinch at the feeders, Tutfted, Pochard, and Little Grebes with the ever present Canada & Greylags , I sat it out for sometime but the wind just seemed to increase so I headed home, Sedge & Whitethroat singing along a sheltered edge. Sanderling

70+ birds is a good number for here, mostly Sanderling with a few Dunlin
Sanderling they look larger as they get darker, or is that just me !!!

Sandwich Terns feeding just offshore
My first swifts for the year
GCG calling as it moved around the pond
GSW just coming off the feeders


Birding about Northumberland said...

I saw a large flock of sanderlings at Druridge Bay recently and I think they are one of favourite sea birds, very active and funny to watch

Northumbrian Birding said...

I must have more than a few photos of Sanderling by now ,but still take more at every chance.