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Saturday, 3 February 2007

03-02-07 Boulmer


Another fine and sunny day time for a trip to Boulmer and a walk along the coast,stopped at Alnmouth to check the flood areas but no real change,Foxton held 100+ Curlew,at Boulmer the tide was well out so decided to walk along to the Stream via the track nothing in the way of small birds more humorous (made from scrap) birds along the wall since my last visit,down onto the beach Mallard,Eider & wigeon with Goldeneye further out and in the distance three Scaup and numerous Red-breasted Mergansers,I took a digi shot of a Herring Gull with orange ring as I had one at Seaton Sluice last year but never got a reply as to origin and can't find the photo of it to compare the number 1236 rings a bell lets see how good my memory is.
We went as far as the stream from the wood intending on going into the wood for Woodpeckers but the track is churned up so we headed back to the car and I set the scope up ,it was now high tide flocks of waders past close inshore heading North to roost, Pinkfeet Geese also North 300+ Curlew flew very low over the field just on the edge of the last garden up over the hedge turning North in a tight flock it was over so quickly, light going very fast now last stop Foxton there is a field opening you can pull the car into with great views Tawny called briefly but no sign of it nor hoped for Barn Owl.

Three Scaup with Goldeneye
RING No 1231

Sanderlings ROOK
Squid in a rock pool

Fine threads from thousands of Spiders in the setting sun

Pinkfeet heading North 5pm on a February eve


st said...
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st said...

sorry about that,the post said.

enjoying your blog, especially the photo,s

Stewart. said...

Aye aye, whats this, slipping into my patch AND suppressing year ticks! Those are the Scaup from the quarry I reckon. I need them for my year list and its too dark now!Doh...

Brian said...

I thought I might have seen you there could not remember the name of the bay Steel ?down by the stream !still more to write up it was a fantastic day.Thanks for the link but you have the wrong Brian.

Stewart. said...

Eh! Now I'm confused. The wrong Brian! Anyway, the Scaup are in Howdiemont Bay next to Longhoughton Steel... I thought this was BR's blog, is it 'big' Brian instead????