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Monday, 19 February 2007

17-02-07 INFINITY & BEYOND !!!


Actually it was just outside Morpeth at Stanton went on one of the DEFRA walks and combined it with footpaths & bridleways to make a circular route,I was surprised to see this private hanger and airfield just off the road ,inside the hanger is a prop aircraft like a fighter or trainer the grass runway was a strip down the centre of the field,on the edges someone had set up barrels in the trees for owls,only problem would be they where exposed and if in the sun would be like an oven inside,unless the leaves gave shade I checked a couple but no sign of pellets.

You need a map to find other routes from these walks as sometimes the way is not clear,we had to go through two farmyards and one had no markers at all,although the farmer was very pleasant,the light aircraft took off as we walked along the bottom of the track,how the other half live what!! these tracks on a field edge look like Badger to me,not many birds on this walk,two GSW, & Jays ,with a small flock of 100+ mostly Fieldfare again with a few Redwings in ,did see lots of single & twos & threes of Redwings along the route,surprised no Buzzards one Kestrel being the only raptor although the area looked very good ,Song Thrush,Wren, Chaffinch,Yellowhammer all in song,we passed the site of a Roman camp and near the Devils Causeway,also the remains of a sunken road it was quite wide but ran out in an open field perhaps it had been ploughed in but further down there is a ford marked on the map so I thought perhaps a drove road,we will perhaps do this walk later in the year as there are some interesting off shoots to explore.

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