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Thursday, 22 February 2007

20-02-07 JUST A WALK

Looking back on the Crag edge

The weather seemed OK when I left home but worsened as I drove inland to Wanney Crags and it was overcast and threatened rain all afternoon Meadow Pipits flitting about plenty of Wrens singing by far the commonest bird seen ,and the commonest heard but not seen where Crossbills calling just in from the edge of the woods but unable to see any ,heard them in flight also but again not seen,this area is very wet and boggy I walked all over with out a foot wrong until I crossed a very small wood bridge first foot on and I was on my back in the ditch,luckily my camera was OK.
Lots of signs of old industrial activity in this area and the modern tree felling with large areas opened up the only raptor seen, a Buzzard at the top of a tree on the drive back why is it there is always someone right behind you and you can't stop, also passed a dead bird not there on the run up all I saw was a black body with some bright red on pulled off the road and ran back thinking Black Grouse but as I neared it was only a Pheasant one of those really dark birds .
I once found a Barn Owl in a hole in an Ash tree as I drove passed and looked back in the interior mirror,but I also thought once I had passed a dead Peregrine only to find a Woodpigeon and small plastic racquet that gave the bird a barred effect,but you had to be there.
Could be a market for a field guide "Roadkills and how to Identify them at speed" (with recipes in the rear for the adventurous)

Plenty of singing Wrens
I think this is the flower of the Moss
Towards Sweethope
not sure what this is it seemed to point South lined up with the map ?

miles and miles of Nowt!!!

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