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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

13-02-07 Druridge Bay

Today I went up for the Shore Lark reported again in with the Linnets & Twite, drove past Cresswell to avoid the crowds,well there where two cars there anyway,no I wanted to get some shots of the Shore Lark if possible so it was my intention to walk around the back of the dunes and stake out a good spot,I should have checked the field properly on the way past,I did not locate the flock at first so parked at Druridge and walked along to the heap that the birds seem to like and I had seen the Shore Lark on here before,a strong Westerly with no shelter did not bode well for Digiscoping the area is more open than it looks from the road,the flock settled nearby but no Lark other than Skylark and as the flock lifted and flew around I could see no sign of the Shore Lark so I took a couple of shots not the best I have taken,but you get what the conditions allow,on the walk back Twite where sitting in a bush behind the small wood.
On to the screen again plenty of Wigeon,Teal and some Shoveller and a Carrion Crow that thought he was a Peregrine as he made four attacks on the small pond trying to catch anything he could even having a go at a male Shoveller,a male Goldeneye tried his luck feeding for sometime in the shallow water.


Golden Plover & Goldeneye on the small pools


Stewart. said...

I must have missed you at the Shorelark. It wasn't associating with the Linnets and Twite, but was with 4 Skylarks at the South end of the field near the stream. Did you see it?

Brian said...

I was over the back on the dunes near that rubbish heap they get on,and no I did not see it I thought perhaps it would have split off with the Skylarks,I was on a photo mission and thought it my best bet,would have been too if it had shown.