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Sunday, 4 February 2007

04-02-07 LSW 0 GSW 2 RED SQUIRREL 4

Found this rather unusual Fungi growing in moss on a tree stump thought it worth a Photo

Yet another nice day but much colder than yesterday time to look for LSW's I was all over but no drumming heard other than mine trying to entice a GSW to come closer actually it did slightly but then flew off,perhaps it was not his territory anyway,two birds seen also Nuthatch, Long Tailed Tits,Jay huge flock of Wood Pigeon, with most activity being on the sunny side of any wood checked a couple of small roving tit flocks that's how I picked up the Nuthatch in a Hawthorn,also checked Beech woods for Brambling but no ,looks like I am not going to see any this Winter anyway

This tree had been blown over it shows a recent nest hole and also some test boring's by the Woodpecker to find the best spot,I could drill a hole like that but chisel it out with just a beak must take some effort hoped to see the nest chamber as the tree was split but no,I have seen them go quite a depth. As the tree broke and fell probably from the recent very strong winds, the pecker must have been able to tell the core was starting to rot but the tree at the time still sound.

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