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Sunday, 18 February 2007

16-02-07 Blyth Harbour "TWITCH"

A few hours to check out the Harbour at Blyth looking for my own white winged gull,no sign of the Snow Buntings as the wind was blasting across the dunes, lots more gulls than on past visits checked and checked & checked again, no luck it was high tide and I did notice hundreds of gulls feeding over the sea just east of the pier right where the sea hits the pier over the rocks. I got involved in a sort of "twitch" as men with cameras at the ready came down to watch this ship leave the harbour with the aid of two tugs and head out to sea it was a very tight turn to get out of the dock but it is only when you see it go past the lighthouse that you realise how big it is,so I got caught in the moment and took some shots ,"twitch "over they all left and I went back to checking the gulls.

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