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Tuesday, 6 February 2007

05-02-07 St Mary's/Beehive Flash/Holywell Pond

Just a couple of hours to get out today so thought I would get up to try and get some decent shots of the Black Redstart but after a good search all along the bay there was no sign,Jackdaws looking for nest holes near the Fulmars 8 Rock Pipits,Wren, Robin,the waders that get down here are very flighty just look at them and they are gone,I did find a bone sticking out the cliff face about 6' up ?

Walked along to St Mary's the tide was well out and someone digging for worms,about 350+ Golden Plover on the rocks,plenty gulls along the tide line but to far for my bins,Pintail still on the pool with Gadwall,Teal Mallard & Heron,with two Stonechats along the track and a Skylark in full song.

Passed the Beehive Flash but nothing on at Holywell the hide was full they pointed out a Buzzard just passing over, two Cole Tits,Greenfinch,Blue & Great, with GSW also dropping in but to Much noise from the hide for anything to come close plus the habit of sticking hands out to point at something ,no sign of Scaup more Pochard than usual & 3 Shellduck and again about 1pm the gulls drop in but hold no surprises.

Jackdaws looking for a nest site
Nice Pintail still showing
Cole Tit
Pochard & Tufted

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