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Sunday, 11 February 2007

11-02-07 NEWBURN

Most people just take the dog out!!!

Reports of Glaucous & Iceland Gulls at the old Stella power station site seemed a good opportunity to see these birds as I have not caught up with any for some time,there where already a few birders there with the birds picked out both 1st winters at a good distance actually photos taken in Northumberland and birds in Durham,but it was worth a couple of shots and they turned out ok,the Iceland took off and went up river it looked as though it was going to come back down and fly past us but it went down somewhere between the bread and pickle factories so at least it was on the Northumberland side,Redpolls flew over but did not settle I tried to find them later but with no luck.

1st Winter Iceland

1st Winter Glaucous


Stewart. said...

Nice to get photos of the Glauc and the Iceland Gulls at the same place Brian. A rare feat these days...


Brian said...

Thanks for the post Stewart regards the mixup in names,you pobably don't know me but we have met a couple of times,I will introduce myself next time I am poaching your patch,regards the Gulls yes had to twitch them as it looks like I am not going to get any in the harbour or area,how times have changed.