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Sunday, 25 February 2007

24-02-07 The Back Garden

Friday the 23rd went to Hollyell Pond to check the gulls but with no surprises and called in to Blyth Harbour again thinking Friday afternoon all the fishing boats would come in bringing vast numbers of gulls with them,how wrong I was with less than I saw on the last visit and again no sign of the Snow Buntings.
Sat 24th not sure where to go as the weather outlook was not good,in the end decided to go to the "town" went to the bedroom to get changed and caught sight of a Sparrowhawk in the garden next door it had just caught something and was sitting on top of a small Willow, so I just looked at it thinking it would fly off but instead it began plucking the bird so I dashed off for the camera and took some shots through the window,still it sat so I climbed on the chair and slowly opened the top window but there was a branch in the way moved the chair to the next window opened it and took more shots but again a branch in the way how do I get higher quickly so I placed a set of drawers across the arms of the chair and climbed up with care and balanced here I got more shots,still it fed,and fed, and fed,scratched its head a couple of times looked around on hearing something and still it sat my arms ached with the camera, so I sent off for my bins and had a good look more photos more through the bins and all this as I was perched on a set of drawers balanced across the arms of a chair,with nothing left it flew off landed in a tree nearby spooking everything in it's path it then doubled back and flew out of sight.45 mins we had watched this bird too good an opportunity to miss it obviously either felt content to eat there or was very hungry,still got to the "town" but also caught in the heavy rain.

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